Locomotive derails, trains halt for 5hrs

After Monday's derailment on Monday of a locomotive on a freight train that was travelling on the Ishwardi–Dhaka section of Sirajganj, rail communications between Dhaka (and the north-western) districts became disrupted for approximately five hours

Many passengers who rode on the busy train route were left stranded for hours at various stations and suffered.

Around 3:30 am on Monday, the locomotive of the freight train Parbatipur to Dhaka was thrown off the track between Ullapra Station and Lahirimohonpur Stations in Sirajganj.

The incident caused the train movement between Dhaka, Bangladesh and the north-western regions to stop immediately.

Numerous passenger trains were stranded at various stations, including the Sundarban Express on Dhaka–Khulna route and Dhumketu Express (Dhaka–Rajshahi), Panchagarh Express (Dhaka–Panchagarh), Banalota Express (Rajshahi–Dhaka) and Ekota Express (Dinajpur-Dhaka).

According to Railway's general manager Mihir Kanti Guha, officials from Bangladesh Railway's West Zone brought a locomotive from Tangail, and then took the freight train off the spot.

According to Md Rafiqul Islam, Ullahpara station master, train movement on this section was resumed at 8:30am.

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